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So what does it all mean? Well, SEO is a marketing tool focused on growing the visibility of your website. There are many aspects to SEO such as on-page and off-page optimisation, link analysis, social media integration, keyword research, content compliance and competitor analysis to name just a few, but simply put search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo etc. all use algorithms to produce search results and display them on a results page ranking them according to how relevant they are to the keywords you used in your search criteria. Search engines, such as Google for example, regularly update their search algorithms to give the user a much more precise and useful search experience, returning meaningful results that the user actually wants, this gave rise to Google's updates known as Humming Bird, Penguin and Panda.

I.C.E. Web Design

Give Your Business The Edge

That's the technical aspect of SEO, what we do for you is build your web site into something that is good for your sites visitors, the human aspect, as well as Google's algorithms. We construct your web site technically but the content is specific to you and your business so we help you build a relevant and authoritative web site based on what you do. We can't guarantee that you will always occupy the top spot (and no one should, if they know what they are talking about) as Google always returns the most relevant search first. This works hand in hand with our web design service where we will work with you so you can have created for your site content that will help keep your visitors there longer and drive those visits into sales conversions and/or extra people through your door. Which is really what business is all about, driving sales and increasing revenue.

We only ask that those businesses who use this service see Search Engine Optimisation as an investment with a positive Return on that Investment (RoI) which is always building as time moves on. There is a lot of time invested in doing proper S.E.O., involving a lot of research, planning, expertise and understanding. We don’t want you just at the top for a few weeks we want you there for as long as you want to be.